Friday, January 2, 2009

A way to organize

So, I am going to start writing a blog to help me keep my ideas organized and manageable. Since I became engaged I have become totally obsessed with planning my wedding. I spend hours browsing the internet looking for ideas and trying to find a cheaper way to do things. I have saved countless inspiration pictures and DIY ideas. I hope this blog will become my way of prioritizing my projects and making sure that everything is done.

I am trying to plan a wedding on a limited budget. While living Michigan is wonderful, most people here fall victim to the poor economy because of the prevalence of the auto industry, and my family is no different. While no one has lost their job or been subject to layoffs yet we are all trying to do our best to make ends meet, save up for the worst, and plan the BEST WEDDING EVER for a day I will remember forever.

The blog is becoming more necessary for me now because we are only 5 ½ months away from the wedding and it is all becoming a reality since I will be mailing out my STDs within the next two weeks. Immediately upon becoming engaged I began to look at reception venues. I fell in love with the second place I saw, the Lawton Heritage Community Center. The only problem, it was booked for every single Saturday from April to October. I love flowers and had to have a summer wedding so, in order to ensure the venue of my dreams, we booked for a Friday. (I was nervous at first, but am finding that this is more common than I though. Plus, most vendors are cheaper on Fridays so there are some cost savings.)

Knowing that my wedding was going to be on a Friday I wanted to make sure that I told people ahead of time so I decided to send out STDs. Shortly after I became engaged my MOH (sister) and I designed and made my STD. They have been sitting, done, ready to be mailed out since August. I decided to send them out about 6 months before the wedding, but didn’t want them to get lost in the holiday mail between Thanksgiving and Christmas so I set January 15th as the target mailing date.

Since then Troy & I have been working on getting our 250 person guest list finalized. This week I sat down and really plugged away and… it is about 4/5 complete. It feels good to have it complete so that I can get the STDs mailed. Sending out the STDs seems kind of a milestone for me and now the wedding is a reality, but now I feel the clock ticking away. So much to do, so little time.

I plan to update the blog regularly with all the little things that I have already taken care of (including how I made my STD cards) and all the little things that are still to come.