Friday, January 16, 2009

The men's attire

During the entire planning process me and Troy have not seen eye to eye on the men's wardrobe. I promised Troy that he did not have to wear a tuxedo (aka Monkey Suit) if he didn't want to, after all it is his day too and I want him to be comfortable. But it has come apparent that not having to wear a tux translates into two completely different things. I thought that meant a nice suit. I am not sure what Troy thought, but suit was not it. Ultimately we decided that I have to make the final decision and if I wanted to him to wear a tux he would.

I don't like that idea. The only way he is really going to be truely comfortable is if he has to make the decision. I have chose to supply him with some inspiration. While I do love the look of all the guys in a tux/suit:

I also found these pictures on the Knot website and I'm really digging this idea. I love the idea of the groom wearing something that distinguishes him from the rest of the guys. And after the formalities of the evening are done, I have no problems with him taking his jacket off too.

But, how would this look with the whole bridal party?


And I think in the long run that this could be a lot cheaper for the guys. Check out this ensemble from JCPenny:

and the best part: All three pieces are only $72.00 together.

We are supposed to go looking around to some tux places this weekend, so we will see what that brings. But I am definitely printing out these pictures for him to take a look at.