Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Picking a color scheme

So, I have to admit that picking the color scheme was very difficult to me. I of course have my favorite colors, but I was affraid that picking just a few colors would limit my flower selection way too much - and flowers was what I wanted more. I LOVE flowers, all flowers, all colors and wanted to include a variety of them throughout the wedding.

My solution. I chose green as a base color to work from. Why you might ask? I envision is being the stem of a flower - then I can choose whatever flower color I wanted. I decided on a clover green color for the bridesmaid dresses, the STDs and the invitations. I also plan on incorporating this color in miscellaneous other items (whcih are yet to be determined).

So I went about this whole color thing a little different than most. I went to my florist. I worked with her to determine which flowers I wanted to have showcased throughout my wedding and what colors. I did know that I wanted bright vibrant flowers. This has determined my color pallette.

Here are some inspiration photos to give you an idea of the bright bouquets against a green dress.
from The Knot
Not exactly the color green I am going for put look at the beautiful bouquet.

again from The Knot

Closer, but still not the right green, but again beautiful. I love the tea length dresses, each in a style to suit the bridesmaid.

I put together my color pallette at based on a site recommendation from Miss Lattee on weddingbee. If you haven't checked out that blog yet, you should, it is the best wedding blog ever!