Monday, April 6, 2009

Visit two to the Venue

After months of searching on-line and stalking many blogs I had developed a plan for my centerpieces and ceremony decorations. So, my mom, sister and I headed to the venue to do a trial run. We packed up candles, ceremony decoration supplies and bought a bunch of flowers from the store. The trial went so much better than I could have imagined and I fell in love with my decoration ideas.

The Centerpieces
Our florist will be designing a "Bouquet" that will be placed in a vase on the table, slightly off set. My mom described it best by calling the look 'naturally simplistic'. When talking with my florist, my ideas was a look something like walking out to the garden, picking a bunch of flowers and placing them on the table. Understanding that water would be a concern she proposed that we set a bouquet of flowers in a larger vase so that they lean to the side. I plan to set all this on a mirror surround by candles. I posted earlier about my DIY candle holders, but since then I have decided that having three different candle designs was too busy so I will have 5 votive candles with ribbons and embellishments on them.

We decided that we need something else on the table to sprinkle around so I am going to look on the wonderfull World Wide Web for some of those plastic diamonds to place around.

Ceremony Decorations:
This is how the ceremony site will be set up. The overhead door behind the alter will be open to give a feel of being outside.
The florist will be creating a customer flower arrangement for the arch which contains the same flowers that are in the centerpieces. The 8 pillars to the sides of the arch will each have a fern on them. The ferns are huge and specially grown for the Community Center (A free ceremony decoration, county me in.)

I contemplated for several weeks what to do with the pillars linning the isle. I knew two things: 1) that I wanted something simple and 2) the white was too much. I found on our trial run that the vases are glued to the top of the pillars. Here is what we decided on to dress up the pillars:

I am really excited with how the trial went. In additon to finalizing ceremony and table decorations we were able to meet with the Event Director to get answers to some lingering questions that we had. All in all it was a great experience and we walked away feeling very positive.


To begin the updates I will start with the Bridesmiads. I really wanted each bridesmaid make the look there own. When selecting their dresses I gave them some pretty loose criteria. They all had to pick the same designer, select a tea length dress of their choice (preferrably a chiffon fabric), in the color I selected from that designer.

They all ended up going for David's Bridal Dresses, in clover green-I really think that the clover green will make the bright colors in the bouquets pop.

1) Mistelle's (MOH). 2) Mandy's Dress. 3) Brandy's Dress.

I love them all. Each dress fits each girls own personality and am excited that everyone has said that they will wear their dress again. They will be wearing silver shoes and jewelry from lia sophia.


So, I said that I was going to create this blog as a way to keep organized, and a way to keep important people up to date, and what has gone and happened???? I completely abandoned it. I feel horrible and really wish that I would have kept up on it. So much has been going on:

  • My dress is in - fittings will begin mid-May. I posted about my dress previously.
  • Girls dresses are all ordered and two of them are in.
  • I held an invitation making party yesterday and got all the invites stuffed.
  • I have ordered most of my accessories including veil, hair comb, and shoes.
  • Gathering pieces for favors.
  • Decided on centerpieces and went for a trial at the hall.

I just can't believe how much I have done already in just a few short months. Even harder to believe how much other stuff I still have to do. Since it is coming down to the nitty gritty, I am going to make sure that I keep this blog updated.