Monday, April 6, 2009


So, I said that I was going to create this blog as a way to keep organized, and a way to keep important people up to date, and what has gone and happened???? I completely abandoned it. I feel horrible and really wish that I would have kept up on it. So much has been going on:

  • My dress is in - fittings will begin mid-May. I posted about my dress previously.
  • Girls dresses are all ordered and two of them are in.
  • I held an invitation making party yesterday and got all the invites stuffed.
  • I have ordered most of my accessories including veil, hair comb, and shoes.
  • Gathering pieces for favors.
  • Decided on centerpieces and went for a trial at the hall.

I just can't believe how much I have done already in just a few short months. Even harder to believe how much other stuff I still have to do. Since it is coming down to the nitty gritty, I am going to make sure that I keep this blog updated.