Monday, April 6, 2009


To begin the updates I will start with the Bridesmiads. I really wanted each bridesmaid make the look there own. When selecting their dresses I gave them some pretty loose criteria. They all had to pick the same designer, select a tea length dress of their choice (preferrably a chiffon fabric), in the color I selected from that designer.

They all ended up going for David's Bridal Dresses, in clover green-I really think that the clover green will make the bright colors in the bouquets pop.

1) Mistelle's (MOH). 2) Mandy's Dress. 3) Brandy's Dress.

I love them all. Each dress fits each girls own personality and am excited that everyone has said that they will wear their dress again. They will be wearing silver shoes and jewelry from lia sophia.