Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DIY Invitations

The invitations were really my labor of love during the whole wedding process. The process started shortly after we got engaged. Hours and hours and hours were sent searching the internet for invitation inspiration. And where did that get me? I found out that I had expensive tastes, but not the budget. My mother is an avid scrapbooker and having designed a few invitations for work functions myself, I felt confident that we could do them ourselves (Just to make sure though, we tested the waters with my Save the Date cards).

So, what did I want? 1) I wanted pocketfolds as I discovered early on in the search. Nothing else would compare. All the information right at the guests finger tips, held together by a cute little envelope with a pocket. PERFECT! 2) I wanted them to look professional.

What did I end up doing? Stamped and embossed pocketfold invitations with three inserts: Accommodations, Directions, RSVP.

One Sunday afternoon, my mom hosted an Invitation Making Party at her house where me, my mom, bridesmaids, and three friends spent 5 hours stamping, adding embossing powder, heating, matting, stuffing, tying, and addressing 125 invitations.

What was the result? They were PERFECT!!! Even better than I could have ever expected. (Sorry, but a couple of these pictures aren't that great. Maybe I should learn how to use my camera)