Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Hair!

(I know, I know. I am not terribly creative with the titles, but it gets the point across.)

So, my last few weeks have been filled with finalizing details and trials. I schedule hair trials with two separate hair stylist, my normal stylist and a friend of my mother's. Armed with a collage of inspriation photos I headed off to each.

Inspiration photos included:

I saved all these pictures so long ago that I don't know where I got most of them. A couple came from here. I am willing to give credit if anyone can tell me who to give it to.

For as long as I can remember I knew that I wanted a head full of curls for the wedding ceremony and kept that in mind while searching for inspiration. The photo of Carrie Underwood was my favorite. But shortly after I began my search I realized that a June wedding and a head full of curls didn't sound like a good combination to me since my head sweats like crazy when I am hot. I began to envision a sweaty and uncomfortable bride.

I was determined to still have the head full of curls but wanted a second style, an updo, to wear for the reception. And it had to be simple enought that my Matron of Honor could put it up for me after the ceremony.

So me, my mom and my sister (MOH) headed off to the stylist, inspiration photos in tow, to get a trial done. In my surprise my hairstylist said that the second 'do' was no problem what-so-ever. I am so very excited about the way it turned out, I couldn't be happier. It is exactly what I was looking for.

Stage one - head full of curls:

The only thing that I decided that I didn't like was the bangs off to the side. Since my hair is naturally curly the slightest bit of sweat would have made me look like I had a horn growing out the side of my head.

Stage two - up do (seriously, all it took was a twist and a bunch of bobby pins.):

Mom got her hair done too:
I think her 'do' turned out super cute too. The only thing that I think we will need to add is a couple of rhinestone bobby pins for a little flair.
So, we booked the date before we left the shop. She is actually going to come to the hall the day of and do my hair, mom's hair and all the bridesmaids hair while we are there decorating and pulling together the last minute details.